How to open XML file

Have you started finding XML files almost everywhere? If you have, then please do not worry because it is quite natural. These days, there is a lot of data transfer going on almost everywhere among users. Because of this, XML is till date the most convenient and popularly used method to transfer data from user to user. Today, in this article you will get to know almost everything about how to open XML file. All the doubts, queries, and questions that you ever had about XML would be answered in this article.

You will be explained about the XML format in detail. And how it is extremely important in the field of web development. It also has a very important role in programming. And literally, anything that has some relation of structuring, storing and transporting data of any sort. Now, let us start with the article. Get to know about XML completely; its use, how to access it, how to create it, etc.

How to open xml file
How to open xml file

The main purpose of this article is to describe and explain what exactly XML files are. What are the uses of these files. You will also get to know about which programs XML files could open. And how could the XML files be converted to some other format which is mainly text-based such as PDF, JSON, CSV, etc? 

What is XML file?

Let us first know what exactly an XML file is. An XML file is basically an Extensible Markup Language file. These files are basic plain files that are text-related. And do not perform any sort of action on their own, except for transferring data and creating a proper structure for data storage. One such common example of a file that is XML bases is an RSS feed. 

There are many XML files that are nothing but Cinelerra Video Project files that are used with a video editing program known as Cinelerra. This file has some settings that are project-related. Such as a list of edits that were created in the past to the project and also the paths where the media files are located.

You should note that these files do appear somewhat related. The reason for this is nothing unusual. But, they have similar file extensions i.e. XML and XLM files are different files. People often get confused between the two.

How to create an XML file?

An XML file basically works everywhere i.e. in all the editors wherever you wish to use it. It can be viewed in any editor of your choice. If you wish to change the format of your XML file. Then you should do this with the help of XML viewers that are available online. XML file is usually opened in the form of a text file and text editors. Wwhich are commonly used by us such as Notepad, WordPad, etc are used in order to read and understand an XML file. Some very popular online viewers are JSON Formatter, Code Beautify, etc. If you are wondering what is the main reason for accessing or reading an XML file. Then the main reason is that it is very much needed for the purpose of data storage. 

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You should know that what is the structure of the hierarchical format of an XML file. It includes the following elements:-

  1. Child Element: This element is an element located within another element. 
  2. Global Element: The global element is an element which is a direct child element under the root tag. The Global element is contained in the XML Schema.
  3. Local Element: Local element is not a main element but it is a nesting element.

Some other elements that are not mentioned in this list. But should be known by you are some multiple-occurring and some single-occurring elements.

The XML files that we are discussing in this article usually work on R programming and also on Java programming at times. They work on Java programming when the packages are pre-installed.

You can follow the steps below in order to create an XML file with the help of a text editor. Please refer to the steps below:-

  1. Locate your text-editor file and open it.
  2. Please note that, the first line of the file that you have opened should have an XML declaration to specify to the editor that the file should be identified as an XML file.
  3. Now, you need to create a root element which basically plays the main role in the XML file overall. Keep in mind, that the root element should start with the start tag and it should terminate with the close tag. 
  4. The last step is to add a child element and then you are good to go.

You need to know that an XML file is made by first storing the information which is related to a specific project in tags. And then save the file with the help of the file extension called “.xml”. 

Steps to Open an XML File

As we discussed in the article above, a lot of programs open XML files such as Code Beautify’s Online 6XML Viewer and some other web browsers. There are some famous programs that are known to edit XML files also.

Some of the very important and quite famous XML editors are Notepad++, XML Notepad 2007, EditX, Adobe Dreamweaver, etc. There are some other popular editors too. But the thing about them is that you can only use them if you get a trial version from somewhere. You surely must have heard about the famous Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code editor. Which takes care of the XML files with 100% efficiency. 

You need to know that even though an XML file could be opened and accessed easily. It does not promise to do anything else on its own. There are a lot of programs that often make use of the XML in the form of a medium. That would transfer and store their data securely. But you need to know that in reality when you make use of an XML file, you should have a piece of good knowledge about what kind of data that particular XML file could store.

Let us look at an example of the same. Let us say a file that has an XML format is being used for MusicXML files. You will find that an XML-based sheet music format would be formed. You then have to open any of the displayed XML in any text editor of your choice. And then examine what kind of data is actually present in there. Please note that this is only applicable in a program which is known as Finale NotePad. 

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As we know that XML files are mainly based on text, so any editor that we know including the built-in Notepad tool in windows is able to showcase and make edits to the current contents of the respective XML file. The editors who are solely dedicated to XML editing work well in editing the XML files as they properly understand the structure of the file. You should know that if you are using a standard text editor, then it will not be as easy as you think it is when it comes to editing XML files.

In case you really wish to take up that method, then you should look for some of the best free text editors out there in the market in order to select the most compatible and suitable one for your use. If we talk about the Cinelerra Video Project files that make use of the XML file extension. Which is said to open with the Cinelerra software for Linux. The program that is used to divide it into two parts is known as Heroine Virtual and Community Version but to our knowledge, they are not fused together into a single program. In case, you still are having some trouble opening your file then please do not mix it with some file that has similar looking extension name, for example, an XMF, XMP, ML, etc file.

What steps should be taken in order to convert an XML file?

One of the best solutions out there in the market when it comes to converting an XML file to some other format is to make use of the editors that we have discussed in the article above. The program which is said to build the XML file has many chances of saving the same file to a format which is different. 

Let us take an example where a simple text editor which is used to access a text document such as an XML, can be used to save some other file that is text-based such as a TXT file. The important thing to know is that you do not gain anything from this change except for the change in the name of the file extensions.

In case you are looking for a solution then you can try the online XML to JSON converter with the help of Code Beautify. This tool has the ability to let you convert an XML file to a JSON file by copy-pasting the XML code to the website and then stepwise downloading the JSON file to your device. You also have options to look for an XML file on your computer or even load from a URL. But, you should know that the XML-to-JSON converter is only useful if you really require that. Below are listed some of the online XML converters that are available for free on the internet. You can choose the most suitable one according to your needs from the list below:-

  1. XML to HTML
  2. XML to CSV
  3. XML to XSD
  4. XML to PDF

Some free converters that convert files to XML format and not from XML format to some other format:-

  1. XLS/XLSX to XML
  2. SQL to XML
  3. CSV to XML
  4. JSON to XML
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Generally, you cannot change the name of a file extension such as the XML file extension to some other that your device is compatible with and recognizes it. The real process of file format conversion is done with the help of one of the methods that we have described in the article above. Please refer to them for a better understanding. As we know that XML is a text-based file so renaming it might prove to be helpful many times.

What is the use of an XML file?

As we have discussed in this article, we should note that XML files are nothing but simple text-based files which are easy to build, store and share. A lot of applications make use of XML to store data or even to share it with other applications. Have you ever questioned why the Microsoft Word Docx file extension has ‘x’ at the end of it? Well, the answer to your question is ‘XML’. Yes, you read that right! Since 2007, XML has been a key tool in the Office suite for various purposes.

The same is the case with Excel files (XLSX) and also the PowerPoint files which are now known as PPTX and not just PPT. All credit goes to XML since now computers can instantly store and collect data whenever needed. There are a lot of other places where there is a crucial use of XML. Some of them are known as Interactive websites and Sitemaps.

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In this article, we learned all about XML; its uses, origin, creation, and overall details. If you are confused or in a lot of doubts regarding the use of XML, then you can surely refer to this article and clear all of them in order to carry out smooth processes. We also discussed about different types of free editors which are available online for free for you to conveniently use. It is quite understood that XML files are denser than the modern solutions available nowadays such as JSON. But if you get to know about XML, then it’ll be no harm but benefit on your part. Hope this article comes as a great help to you when you make use of XML.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full form of XML?

The full form of XML is Extensible Markup Language. You can learn more about XML in the article above and refer to all the information that you would possibly need when it comes to XML.

How can you open an XML file in Excel?

First, you need to open Excel then click on Select file>Open and now choose your XML file. Now you will see a pop-up on your window. You now need to select an XML table. This will help you to display your XML file in the form of a table in Excel.

How to open an XML file?

Open word and then follow these steps: File>Open>choose your XML file. Your file will open in word. You should know that XML rarely gets formatted in word without the need for any conversion as such.

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