Kik message stuck on S?

Having trouble with Kik messenger? Kik message stuck on S and you don’t know what to do. Let’s read the article and fix Kik messenger. The popular chat application Kik Messenger is laid-back and simple to be used. And it is well-known worldwide. Kik also prioritizes improving the experience for users by distributing upgrades to customers. And resolving problems as frequently as possible. But there will always be problems when using an app, and Kik is no exception. Progressively created a variety of problems, including problems with the app’s chat system. What might it signify if receivers are having trouble conversing with you and your communications are not getting through? We offer you a simple why-documentation for Kik messenger text unending fixes.

If your message is marked as read, the person who received does not intend to respond to it. The only ways to correct this are to examine your connections and update Kik messenger. And inquire with the user how things are doing, check to see if Kik is down, and re-install Kik. Or delete Kik caches if your messages are already on the ‘s’ or ‘d’ state.

Each text you transmit on Kik passes through the following three stages: 

  • S: Send 
  • D: Delivered 
  • R: Read.


  • S indicates that our Kik server has received your text.
  • D indicates that your recipient has received your communication from us.
  • R indicates that your text has already been seen and opened.

Interestingly, a text you transmit on Kik via Send (S) must initially be sent out to Kik’s servers. You will really be alerted with the ‘S’ signal if it properly connects to Kik’s servers.

Why Does Kik is stuck on S
Why Does Kik is stuck on S

Why Kik message stuck on S and not become a D or R?

Why does it keep going to S? Why would sending a message take so much time? We will check over each of these queries, identify the precise issue, and send the message. Let us just get started straight now without any further hesitation!

Contents of the article: 

  • They might not be available i.e. they are offline.
  • See if Kik is present or not.
  • The Kik app may also be full of bugs.
  • Remove the Cache (Android).
  • They have already prohibited you.
  • They might have uninstalled the Kik app.
  • Kik Assistance can be also approached.

Why Does Kik message stuck on S? This is the Reality.

Method 1: They might not be available i.e user is offline.

You should be aware that the text may not have been reached. Only if the recipient of your Kik email has switched off their smartphone. Or do not have a strong Wi-Fi signal, or has their cellphone isolated from the network. This implies that as long as their phone is turned on again and plugged into the internet. Just to acquire those texts. Their smartphone will not be capable of getting any texts. This holds true for all other messaging services also including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Discord, etc. They might well be dozing off while traveling, absorbed in Dreamland, or both. They will return online gradually.

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Method 2: See if Kik is unavailable.

The downtime of Kik’s systems is a further very probable reason. Any exporting texts from Kik’s systems would not function till the issue is fixed. And also any necessary upkeep gets finished when any systems for just a messaging system. Also includes WhatsApp, Telegram, and Discord. This is something we have mentioned here before. And particularly Kik is unavailable.

Checking to see whether Kik is having any network disruptions. Or developing performance glitches is probably the most effective method of determining if indeed the problem was really with Kik. There has been a noticeable increase as of the moment of writing. According to seven reports, 42% of Kik people experience trouble getting back in, and 14% report trouble getting texts. This might imply that now the person to whom you are delivering the message is having similar issues. In this situation, you can inform them. And request that they get in touch with Kik’s customer service to resolve the problem. We go through Method 4 in more detail beneath. As a substitute, you may look at Twitter to see if Kik is unavailable. Do this by visiting Kik’s account there and monitoring the hashtag #kikdown.

Method 3: Kik App Is really full of  Bugs.

This is hardly surprising because the Kik messaging software has a good number of faults and problems. It is common, and typically, whether there is an issue that prevents messages from just being received. A software framework that seeks to fix it is typically provided as quickly as feasible. Whether you have an iPhone, you may access the App Store. Hit on your Apple account underneath the Today section. And afterward, look beneath Current Upgrades to determine whether any updates exist. Select Upgrade if a Kik version is forthcoming. Just go to your Google Play Store app on Android and afterward select the Menu button (three-line icon). Then select My apps & games. Then check to see if Kik has any updates listed. If so, click the Update button to start the app upgrade installation.

Method 4: Delete Your Cache (Android).

This only applies to Android smartphones because apps on Android can build up cache information. And result in problems much like applications not functioning optimally. Google advises trying to delete Kik’s app caches in this situation by doing the things listed under. The procedure may differ based on the gadget you possess. For your ease, we have included the procedure for Samsung, Google, and OnePlus smartphones underneath.

  • When using a Samsung device.
    • Enter the Settings app, and select the Apps tab.
    • After that, tap Kik.
    • To prevent this from running differently. You still must use the Force Stop button. Then select Storage by moving the cursor.
    • To properly delete the caches and information that Kik keeps on your phone. Click the Clear Cache and Clear Data selections.
  • When using a Google pixel device.
    • Navigate to the Settings app on your Google Pixel devices. If you are using one, and afterward select Applications & alerts.
    • Then press View every application.
    • You should search through the listing of your installed programs to discover Kik. Select Kik.
    • To prevent the application from operating in the background. Firstly press the Force Stop button.
    • Next, select Storage.
    • Finally, select Clear Cache and Clear Data to completely erase the memory. And information that Kik has stored on your smartphone.
  • When using a OnePlus smartphone.
    • Although OnePlus is a very complete Android device, the procedures are comparable to those for Google Pixel devices.
    • To check if the message has also arrived and the “S” signal has disappeared, sign back into Kik yet again.
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Method 5: They might well have blocked you.

Being blocked by somebody is awful. Individuals on Kik have the obligation to treat other people in that manner, despite how cruel it appears. This includes you. The text may very well be locked on “S”. And never sent or viewed by the recipient if anybody blocks you on Kik. There is not anything you have the ability to do right now. Unless you try to reason with them through a separate messaging system. Or politely inquire as to whether they really barred you. Consider meeting the individual together in the public conversation to see if they have restricted you on Kik. You cannot add someone to the team chat if that individual has forbidden you. If you are able to add someone and the “S” symbol persists. There is either a problem with Kik or the recipient may well have removed the Kik application from their smartphone.

Method 6: They might have uninstalled the Kik app.

They might have purchased a new cellphone or made the inexplicable decision to erase the Kik. So long as they do not re-install the Kik app and log in. Your message would not reach them or perhaps even be viewed by them should you forward it to them. To check on their progress, simply send them a text, a memo on Discord, WhatsApp, or some other platform.

Method 7: Kik Support can be contacted.

If somehow the problem persists after checking all of the causes listed here. You might still suggest calling Kik’s support to determine whether it is a problem on their end. Once more, the probabilities are that your problem will be on Kik’s side. If you are positive that the individual has not been banned, removed, or left inactive. When there is a concern, even more individuals voice it. More likely it is that it will be fixed as soon as possible.

Method 8: Nobody enjoys being stuck!

If your Kik message is stuck in the S (sent state), Kik has a problem. Can we just be truthful for a second? I consider going with the “R” more. Nevertheless, it is even more significant if the cause of “Kik sent but not delivered” is that you were banned. The most well-known cause of Kik’s infamous stuck “S” problem is an annoyance. The person you are messaging would have either removed the app or is no longer communicating.

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Meanwhile, Getting your Kik message stuck on S occasionally might be unpleasant. Kik is one of the top options for teenagers. It offers a simple user interface and a vast array of emojis and gifs. Although it is optional, you might choose to provide your mobile number. All you need is an email, password, and username. Kik may be fantastic for chatting, finding new people, and just texting your friends. But even the best programs can have issues. The stuck S difficulty may occur when there is a problem using your Kik app. S ending up on your text occasionally is a pain.

This article illustrates the causes of this problem and outlines how to solve it. Additionally, give MobileTrans an attempt if you wish to move your old Kik texts to a smart smartphone or resolve certain Kik issues. In summary, there really are numerous methods for determining the progress of communications. If your text in the Kik messenger software has not yet been delivered. You can resolve the problem using the fixes in the title of the article if the text is in an ‘s’ or ‘d’ status. Nevertheless, this problem is solvable and simple to resolve if you are aware of its cause. At last, I hope all your queries got a fruitful solution from this article.


What else does “S” on Kik stand for?

Nearly all Wi-Fi-based messaging apps operate according to a comparative principle. Your message is also transmitted to the recipient after being sent from a server. They will get the text if they possess an internet service as well. In conclusion, how does this occur, and what do the letters in Kik mean? You log into your Kik account and send a message to a friend. After clicking send, a letter “S” form that is circling in the upper left corner is visible. Additionally, it has a seal of approval underneath. What does the s on Kik stand for then? So, This indicates that the message was transmitted using the Kik server.

What about when the “D” in your message remains?

Among the most common Kik troubles nowadays is Kik forced to stick on D. When a message on Kik is stuck at “D.” It has been sent, but the recipient has not yet received it. You can therefore take a seat and unwind. They will handle it. Nevertheless, if “D” is taking a bit longer than you had anticipated. It is most probably because the person is not using their gadget or is otherwise engaged.

What if the information is locked on “R”?

Furthermore, Your message was being sent, received, and read by the recipient. That is hardly “stuck,” case of the “ suggests that you are stuck without an answer. At this point, Kik has fulfilled all of your requests. However, the person you contacted is choosing not to reply. The text is hence trapped on an “R.”

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