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In this article, we will learn about the KLMS Agent and discuss some of the very common questions regarding the same. Is KLMS Agent app harmful to your device? Is it very unsafe and could be used as a means of spying? Can it be found even without actually installing it? Are there any benefits of the KLMS Agent? If yes then what are those?

If any of these questions pop up in your mind too, then you are at the right place as we will be addressing these questions one by one in detail. Going through this article will definitely clear all your doubts regarding KNOX. 

Various features, advantages, disadvantages, installing, uninstalling, sensitive information, etc about KNOX have been thoroughly covered in this article. Let us begin!

What is KLMS Agent?

One should first be well versed with the knowledge of Samsung’s Security System before diving into the details of the KLMS Agent. The KLMS Agent, KNOX is closely related to Samsung’s Security System. One can refer to software that has already been installed i.e. pre-installed in your device. The KLMS Agent app provides selective authorization. It gives permission only to those users who are eligible to have authorized access, which eventually means that the application will automatically block access from unauthorized or ineligible users. From this, we get a gist of how the KLMS Agent app keeps the user’s files well protected and secured. The KLMS Agent can be fully trusted with the security of your files, documents, emails, any business-related applications, software,s or confidential information.  

The KLMS Agent provides the users with features like locating important information, securing the data, preventing any sort of data loss, segregating the data, etc. A much more helpful, productive, and efficient space is also provided by the KLMS Agent, along with the above-mentioned features. Effective and accurate segregation between private work information and business-related work information can be very well created by the KLMS Agent application. 

Since the application blocks any unauthorized access, therefore any user from the outside will be completely denied access to any information or data stored in the application. All the information, data, and documents that are stored in the KLMS Agent, always remain highly encrypted in order to ensure complete protection.

KLMS Agent App Complete Guide
KLMS Agent App Complete Guide

Some key Roles of the KLMS Agent

Samsung’s Security system is an essential part of the overall framework and structure of the KLMS Agent, KNOX. The highlighted features of the KLMS Agent app are securing all the business devices such as tablets, phones, wearables, etc. KNOX devices are designed by first manufacturing them from a hardware chip which is meant for encrypting, securing, and isolating the data that includes various confidential documents, passwords, credit card transitions, bank details, etc.

Is KLMS Agent considered to be a virus?

This is a conception regarding the KLMS Agent that it is thought of as a virus that could harm your device and hence a lot of people refrain from even installing it! The KLMS Agent is definitely not a virus and it is not at all harmful to your device. It is actually the opposite of what people think it is as it protects, secures, and manages your data and is a boon to growing businesses and companies. A lot of people think of it as malicious software as they have no proper knowledge of using it.

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Features of the KLMS Agent, KNOX

As we have read about how the KLMS Agent is quite beneficial for organizations and businesses, let us now look into some of its key features in detail

The authenticity of the software

A user can stay worry-free if they have downloaded the KLMS Agent application from a trusted and reliable licensed source. It is highly important to ensure the reliability of the source from where the application is being downloaded as it decides whether the application will be safe or harmful for the device. A very common scam observed these days is a pretension of various sources which are not actually reliable, but their main intention is to pass on some unwanted malicious changes to the device, along with the download. However, the device successfully identifies the virus, if any, on downloading the application. The KLMS Agent, KNOX blocks the virus and provides security and protection to the data of the user.

Protection of the Stored Data

One more important feature of the KLMS Agent app is the protection of the stored data as it helps to safeguard various information such as emails, documents, images, contacts, etc. It highly secures the data in such a way that there can be made no changes in it by unauthorized sources. It also prevents the users from downloading the application from untrusted or unknown sources.

Also, the KLMS Agent app does not allow users to use screen capture applications. It will request the user to enable the connectivity settings such as the wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. The users are also allowed to disable the software updates, perform a factory reset, turn on the safe mode, turn off their device, etc. Biometric identifications such as fingerprint scanners can also be disabled by the user if needed.

Usage of minimal device resources 

The KLMS Agent makes use of as few device resources as possible and results in providing its users with the most efficient and useful services. Proper device resources are needed in order for the software to maintain accuracy. The KLMS Agent app is capable of providing protection from any suspected virus or malicious activity of any kind. Every software needs accurate and suitable resources for efficient working. In case a user is somehow directed towards downloading software that may cause harm to their device or is unsuitable, then the KLMS Agent, KNOX will identify it and hence will use even fewer device resources than before.

Enhanced User Experience

The KLMS Agent Service application allows its users to have a much better experience by providing them with services like hiding notifications, preventing the sleep mode, extending their duration for the screen timeout, etc.

Deployment of applications

The KLMS Agent application does not allow the users to uninstall applications, rename them or modify them on any basis.

Limited access

The KLMS Agent application does not allow its users to access any URLs from any source. It allows them to access only some limited URLs from a particular application.

Safeguards your data

Undoubtedly, the KLMS Agent provides your data with the ultimate protection, but the benefits of the application do not just end here. It also safeguards your data from thieves which ensures that if due to any reason, the user loses their device then they can stay worry-free as there will be no possible risk of data leakage or misuse. There is a secured procedure to access the data that is stored by this application such as a password or a pin lock so that there will be no unauthorized entering of users that have no right to access the data and therefore keeping the data safe and protected.

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Easy location of the device

The KLMS Agent app allows users to conveniently locate their Samsung device. It should be noted that to be eligible for this service, the user should have a Samsung account already.

Protection of the network

The data that you own is always at possible risk of being hacked by professional hackers. The hackers track down the data from the users through the networks through which the data travels. These networks can be anything ranging from a wi-fi network to a Bluetooth network. The KLMS Agent, KNOX again comes to the rescue in such a situation! It keeps the data safe by securing it with network encryption.

What type of application is the KLMS Agent application?

A lot of users wonder about not being able to directly locate the KLMS Agent application. The users should note that this application is not an application that is directly located by the users. It is actually a pre-installed application that comes installed with your android device. The agent can be referred to as Bloatware and hence the users do not need to worry about the resources used by the application. It automatically makes any necessary updates within itself.

How does one activate a license in the VMware launcher?

Below are the steps that one can follow in order to activate a license in VMware Launcher:

  1. Search for the correct file on your device.
  2. You will see that com.samsung.klmsagent is referred to as the KLMS Agent System application.
  3. Now, add that file to the Launcher Approved applications.
  4. You can now successfully see and accept the agreement of the license.

Why is KLMS Agent Service considered Spyware?

It is a very misconception that prevails among a lot of users about the KLMS Agent Service which is Spyware. This notion is false as this application is very safe and secure. This application keeps your data secured and managed. It also comes with added features such as network data transfer, fingerprint security, etc. Commonly, it is observed that in Samsung devices, this application already comes pre-installed with the device. However, if because of any possible reason this is not the case then you can always download it manually from the Google Play Store. The KLMS Agent application on the Google Play Store has more than 650K downloads, has a 3+rating, and is 7,6 MB. The latest version of this application is 21.2 ( There are added features to this application like KME console integration. 

Are system Resources used by the KLMS Agent, KNOX?

The KLMS Agent, KNOX is an inbuilt app which comes with the device. It needs to function properly in the background of your device and as a result it does use the System’s resources. There are a lot of users that have no use of a security app for their business or organization. Also, since this application uses the resources of the device, users automatically have started to uninstall the application. There have been reported issues of fast battery consumption too. 

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The KLMS Agent, KNOX is not the only in-built application in the devices of Samsung that make use of CPU in their background functioning. There are many such applications in the market. 

Can the KLMS Agent Application be removed?

The KLMS Agent application can be removed if the user wants to remove it. The users should note that it forms an integral part of Samsung’s Security Services. If one decides to uninstall it then they should be ready to lose access to some very useful features that KNOX provides.

How can one disable the KLMS Agent, knox in their Android device?

The users who own Samsung devices such as Galaxy S5, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Note 5 can follow the method which is explained below in order to disable the KNOX in their device. For the users who own devices such as Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 3 can also go for the same procedure. Please follow the steps given below:-

  1. Open the KLMS Agent, KNOX application.
  2. Locate the ‘settings’ and click on it.
  3. Now, click on the option that says ‘Uninstall KNOX’.
  4. You will now see a message pop up on your screen. 
  5. Now, choose the Backup option.
  6. Now, just simply save the data to any folder in your device.
  7. Click on “OK” and you are good to go! The KLMS Agent application will successfully be uninstalled from your device.

How to make sure that the KLMS Agent KNOX is working fine?

The data which is stored on the KLMS Agent KNOX is highly secured and hence encrypted, which is done by using a government-certification module. The benefit of this is that whenever a potential thief or someone from untrusted sources would try to access your data, then they would be straightforwardly denied to do so. Hence, keeping the data safe.

Any unrecognized attempts to enter the data in the KNOX are completely blocked. Also, with the help of the warranty of the KLMS Agent application, detection of any unofficial software that might be installed, can be done. It protects your device from any harmful attack overall.

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In this article, we learned about the KLMS Agent and how it protects your data and secures it using specialized methods. The KNOX comes equipped with a lot of advantages for users who wish to safeguard their data with the best security. One should not uninstall this application as it is one of the most useful ones on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: Is KLMS Agent an application?

The KLMS Agent is an application but not the one which is installed by the user as it comes pre-installed on your device. It is like Bloatware and is integrated with the default operating system.

Q.2: Why is KNOX so important?

Although we have explained this answer in detail in this article, to sum up, KNOX is highly important as it secures your data and protects it from any untrusted or unrecognized sources. It helps to maintain a balance between personal and work data.

Q.3: Is KNOX needed on your device?

One should definitely have KNOX on their device as it comes with a lot of benefits for the users. Mostly, it comes already installed with your device in order to provide you with high security and protection for your data.

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