How to fix LG TV Blue Tint issue? | Turn on Blue Light Filter on LG

In this era of the internet boom, everything is getting online. People are doing jobs from home and a lot of advances are being made in the technologies only to make people sit in front of devices that constantly emit Blue Light. Blue light is pretty harmful to the human eye. See how to fix the LG TV blue tint issue!

The biggest man-made sources that emit blue light are smartphones, digital monitors, computers, and television screens. To tackle the negative impacts of blue light, companies have developed a blue light filter, which is a basic feature of smartphones. Considering the drastic long-term effects of this, the blue light filter is making its way to smart TVs as well. Though we cannot eliminate the effects of the blue light, we can reduce the blue tint by enabling the blue light mode or eye filter. The filter is very useful and can save you from digital eye strain. 

LG TV Blue Tint
LG TV Blue Tint

Increased Dependency on Gadgets

However, everyone these days is highly dependent on these gadgets for almost everything. People are constantly gazing at these screens and are making them exposed to harmful light which not only causes macular degeneration but can also lead to permanent vision loss in the long run. The Blue light does not just affect our eyesight, but also takes a toll on our sleep cycle. It will have a negative impact on your sleep too. It suppresses the production of the Melatonin hormone, which is responsible for the sleep-wake cycle of the human body. Excessive exposure to blue light also causes insomnia, by discouraging the release of the sleep-inducing hormone in your body.

Blue Light filter in Smart TVs

Since time people have found the effects of blue light on the human eyes and sleep cycle. They have introduced the blue light filter on all phones. When it comes to smart TVs, it is not available on all devices. Some devices support the blue light filter with different names too, you need to look at instructions to turn them on.

LG smart TVs are the most popular and affordable devices. They come with an OEM-branded version of the blue light filter and are called “Eye Comfort Mode.” You can turn on the Eye Comfort Mode on your LG TV, be it a full HD 4K (UHD) or 8K smart TV with LED, OLED, or Nano cell displays. Why is my TV screen Blue Tint? Let us now look at the steps to learn how to turn on the blue light filter or Eye Comfort Mode on your LG TV.

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How to turn on Eye Comfort Mode on LG TV?

All the LG smart TVs have the blue light filter inbuilt into them, you can access the picture settings to turn it on.

  • Press the Gear (Settings) button on your LG TV remote.
  • Move the arrow to “All Settings” and click on it.
  • Navigate to the picture settings and the Additional settings.
  • In this section, you can see the “Eye Comfort Mode”, turn on the toggle to enable the blue light filter on your screen.

What is LG TV Blue Tint issue- How to fix it?

Sometimes you can see a bluish tint on your TV screen across everything you watch. It is apparent for the TV screens to turn blue sometimes and there are many reasons for it. Let us quickly dive into it to know the causes for the blur tints on the LG TV screens.

Most of the time the reason why your TV looks blue is due to the TV’s Settings. With technological advances the picture modes and quality adjustments available for Smart TVs can alter the screen, making it look blue. Anyhow, these modes are available in the settings to make the viewing better. Sometimes some settings ruin the screen, making it appear bluer than it is.

Some other reasons for the blue tint on the LG TV Screen are:

  1. Damaged TV cables or Connections.
  2. A Faulty picture setting on an attached device.
  3. If your TV is equipped with an LED backlight, a defective backlight can cause a blue screen.

How to Fix the Blue Screen?

Now that you have known the reasons for the blue tint occurrence. Let us look at ways in which we can fix this issue to remove the bluish color on our screens. The solutions should resolve the problem caused by any of the reasons.

Switch Off the TV and turn it back on. This is a naive solution, rarely works but it only takes a second and sometimes it resolves the problem.

Nowadays all smart TVs are equipped with several picture modes. Let us look at how we can turn on the blue light filter using the picture mode.

Before knowing how to do it, let us know several picture modes offered by smart TVs.

  • Vivid
  • Standard
  • Cinema Home
  • Cinema
  • Game

Take a look at the quick steps to remove the blue tint from the TV screen.

  • Click on the “All Settings” on your LG TV.
  • Navigate to the “Picture” settings.
  • Click on the “Picture Mode Settings.”
  • Open the “Picture Mode” and click it.
  • Select  “Cinema” or “Cinema Home” from the dropdown list.

Look at the other options to remove the blue tint on the screen.

  1. Along with the picture mode you can see Image Mode or Display Mode too. Change across these modes to see whether the TV screen is giving good results or not.
  2. Navigate through the Menu button on your Settings to see a section called “Color Temperature.” You can adjust the labels such as “Warm” and “Cool.” In some cases, you will see a bluish screen in the “Cool” mode, change it to “warm” to see better results.
  3. Some manufacturing companies rather than mentioning cool and warm temperatures will list them in the form of “Kelvin” such as 6500K or 5700K, for a better screen, the temperature should be below 5000K.
  4. If changing the color temperature on the TV did not work, check the color temperature of the device like the set-top box or which sends the video for your device. The process steps will be different for various devices, follow the device’s manual to look for the color-changing options and adjust based on your requirements
  5. HDMI cables are responsible for the video display on your device. So if there is a fault in your HDMI cable it can cause a blue tint to appear on the screen, make sure it is properly connected, or if it is damaged, replace it with a new one.
  6. In some cases, the TV’s HDMI port can also make your screen bluish. Check for the damages on the HDMI port and replace the cable connector or use a different port if multiple ports are available for your TV.
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Fix the Blue Screen on a LED TV

If your TV is an LED TV, there are two possible situations that can be a reason for the blue tint on the screen.

  • If the TV is working correctly, an inherent blue tint is visible.
  • A defective LED backlight.

The LED screens already have a slight bluish tint on them due to the LED backlight. The backlight is a slim, bright, and efficient back screen, this often has a cool color grading, due to which results in the blue tint. You can see a more enhanced bluish screen while viewing a blue screen and is much less noticeable while viewing other colors. Sometimes, the problem gets more serious indicating that there is a problem with the LED backlight. You can see this with the bleeding of the bluish light on every color not only predominantly on a white background. A defective backlight will cause the blue tint irrespective of the color temperature adjustment on the TV settings.

To fix such an issue you can either change the temperature to a warmer version to avoid the blue screen. If the problem grows, contact the manufacturer or use your warranty to replace or repair the TV screen.


Overexposure to gadgets with screens that emit blue light can damage your eyes over a period of time, this is due to the blue light effects on your eyes. So to eliminate this issue, TV manufacturers have introduced blue light filters for the TV to reduce the effects of blue light. But over the course of time due to the introduction of many picture modes into the TV and LED backlight panels, the TV screens are showing blue tints on them. To fix these we can try a few simple fixes to permanently remove or reduce the bluish screens on your TVs.

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What are the effects of blue light?

Blue light emits large amounts of energy affecting the human eyes, these high-energy light can increase the risks of eye disease. Experts have been working on it to know more about the disadvantages of staring at the gadget screen for a long time. Some of the effects include digital eye strain or computer eye syndrome. About 50% of computer users are affected by blue light. You can see symptoms like dry eyes, blurred vision, and irritated eyes. Another huge harmful factor about blue light is its effects on the retina. This phenomenon is known as phototoxicity, and the amount of damage depends on the exposure time.

How to reduce the dependency on gadgets?

In your daily life, everyone is addicted to gadgets. They have become a part of our life and we cannot immediately reduce our dependence on them. But we can save ourselves from their harmful effects of them, by reducing screen time. Whenever there is no need for gadgets. We need to manage our screen time by following a strict regime by avoiding gadgets. Just focusing on doing something rather than overusing social media apps or youtube. However, you cannot avoid work but you need to put a limit on other works using your mobile, that does not necessarily mean compromising on your entertainment. Find ways to shift your form of entertainment.

What if the TV does not have the Blue Light Filter?

If your TV does not have a blue light filter you can change your TV. Anyhow the TVs with the blue light filter do not totally reduce the effects of the blue light. They reduce the effects up to a certain amount. If your TV does not have a blue light filter and you are constantly noticing the symptoms of the blue light effects you should definitely think of replacing your TV with a new one. In the longer run, they will harm your retina leading to major eye diseases. It is very much recommended to you to think of buying a new one.

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