What is ANT radio service?

Yes. What you read in the article title makes you think that it is some app related to FM radio service. A big no to you all. The title of the article has no relation to radio-related apps or services. ANT Radio is a system app that is pre-built into most android phones. 

ANT Radio is a software application that is pre-installed on most of your mobile by mobile manufacturers. It provides support to health fitness apps, Health tracking systems, Smartwatches, Heart rate monitors, Sports, etc that require it. ANT is similar to Bluetooth which provides wireless protocol and pairs either with fitness apps or with a physical device like a smartwatch.

In simple words, it helps two devices communicate with each other. If you are a person who uses a fitness watch, you will pair your watch with ANT Radio to get the details of the device on your phone. This service is efficient in collecting data and managing the device’s functioning. Most android phones and tablets have built-in ANT+ support. If the apps are enabled to have ANT+ service then it connects automatically whenever you launch your fitness apps or devices. 

What is ANT radio service
What is ANT radio service

Nowadays people are more conscious about their health and as a result, the invention of health apps. Yes, you heard it right. Commonly, people started tracking food intake, water intake, calories burned, tracking heart rate, Blood pressure, etc. All these are possible with the help of fitness apps available on your smartphone and ANT Radio for the efficient functioning of these apps. some of the fitness apps are pedometer, Calorie counter, HealthifyMe, etc

More about ANT Radio

ANT expanded as Advanced Network Technology is a software designed to collect and transfers sensor data over a low-powered wireless network. This ANT Radio service is responsible for providing wireless communication to the fitness devices and sensors that interacts with your phone. It is either preinstalled on your android device or you will find it after an Android update is done to your phone.ANT radio acts as an intermediator between your phone and fitness apps or devices and collects and stores the data by providing wireless communication between them.

Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things? The Internet of things refers to digital objects that are equipped with sensors, processors, and communication hardware to share data over the internet. Using ANT Radio service these devices communicate wirelessly with each other to share data mainly related to fitness and health apps.

What is ANT +?

ANT + is the latest version of ANT. If your phone supports the ANT + feature then all the accessories will connect with your device without any issue. If not then you have to use an external adapter such as a USB stick, ANT+ Dongle, and also install ANT Radio service and ANT+ Plugins. Depending on your device version and its hardware functionalities it varies. If you are a fitness freak you would need this app that connects millions of ANT+ health, sport, and fitness devices. Try to purchase a mobile that supports ANT+, accessories, and applications that are compatible with Android and iOS mobiles.

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ANT+ vs Bluetooth

It can communicate with multiple devices and collect real-time dataIt can connect with only one device at a time
It transmits data at a slower rate when compared to BluetoothIt sends data at a faster rate which is 16X faster than ANT
It is commonly used for sports, fitness tracking devicesIt is used in all kinds of devices which supports Bluetooth facility
It uses a simple protocolThe protocol is more complex com[pared to ANT
The coverage range is just 100mIt has a coverage range of 400m
Some android phone does not have inbuilt ANT radio service. In such cases use an external adapter such as a USB stick or install the app from Google Play StoreIt is a system app and all android mobiles support this app as pre-installed

How does the Ant Radio service work?

First of all, look into your phone and check whether you have an inbuilt ANT Radio service. If it’s not installed you can install the app from the Google Play store. It allows wireless devices to communicate with each other using a simple protocol. If it is preinstalled then it makes your work easy. Pair both the device and your phone almost as you pair to Bluetooth. Once pairing is done then you can transfer data to your mobile from the fitness device or tracking app.

How to connect ANT+ devices to Android phones?

Devices that support the ANT+ feature are listed in ANT+ Product Directory. you can choose any device or download the required app to perform your desired action. Once you have enabled the connection between the devices ANT starts collecting data and sending it to the monitoring app Typical apps downloaded to support ANT features are the ANT Radio service app, ANT + Plugins app from Google Play Store if it is not preinstalled on your device.

If your device is not compatible with ANT products then you should use an external adapter that needs to be connected to your phone such as ANT USB Stick, ANT+Dongle, ANT Selfloops accessory, etc.

How to connect ANT+ devices to iPhones?

While buying a phone make sure to know whether your device will support ANT+accessories.If it supports then you can download ANT+Plugins from third-party apps to track your fitness apps or devices. To connect your device with the TrainerRoad iOS application you need an external source of connection such as Wahoo-made ANT+KEY or Apple-made 30-pin Lightning. It depends on which version of the iPhone you use. It’s important to get into deeper research on which version of the iPhone provides maximum compatibility with ANT Radio service apps.

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ANT-supported products?

To know the list of ANT+ supported products you need to have a look at the ANT+ PRODUCT DIRECTORY. Hers is the link to research before buying ANT+ supporting devices. Make sure to have a glimpse of each product before you buy. Most ANT-supported products will have an ANT + icon that indicates that it is compatible with ANT devices. Some of the popular Brand that produces ANT supporting devices are 

  • Edge 1040 Garmin
  • miCoach stride sensor Adidas
  • IGPSport
  • Fitcare
  • Wahoo Fitness
  • Garmin
  • Bontrager
  • Sigma sport
  • Giant
  • Decathlon SE
  • Lomo
  • Mio Technology
  • Stages Cycling

Applications of Ant Radio service?

Those apps which are designed to support ANT and ANT+ Features can access these services

1. Track Heart Rate: Most of the manufacturers in the fitness industry are developing heart rate monitors to track live data of heart rate using smartwatches and wearables around your chest. It is one of the widely used trackings by people who have problems related to the heart.

Connect ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor to Desktop

  1. Plug-in USB STICK 
  2. Open the devices found an option in your fitness app
  3. Make sure the ANT+ option is ON in your settings 
  4. Click on the Heart rate monitor app from the device list
  5. The pairing process starts and starts showing real-time data

Connect ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor in Mobile

  1. Go to settings and click ON ANT+ icon
  2. Wear the HRM device and it starts sending signals.
  3. You will see the HRM device name on your phone
  4. Select the device and click on pair device
  5. Once it is paired you will receive the real-time data of HRM in your phone.

2. Workout apps: Connect your fitness equipment with the most popular training apps and you will get real-time data about your fitness details in your apps using ANT Radio service.

3. Fitness Equipment: connect your fitness equipment to your phone and increase the performance of your fitness regime 

4. Bicycle and cycle Radars: It collects data from the bike and cycle meters and transmits the information to monitor its speed. Usually, a magnet is attached to the wheels and a sensor is fitted to the bike’s display unit. Once the data is collected using the sensor it is transmitted to a bike computer or your phone display.

5. weight sensors: weight sensors are typically used to measure your weight but some scales are capable of monitoring your height, gender, BMI, and other information. The details collected are displayed on your phone for data analysis.

6. Audio Controller: An ANT+ supporting video controller device is wirelessly controlled by your phone that acts as a remote controller. You can either play, stop or pause the video using the remote application. You can input commands like start recording using the ANT+ remote control.

7. Check Glucose, blood pressure, and Temp: In measuring a person’s blood pressure the data is stored in a database. It allows tracking multiple person’s Blood Pressure measurements by storing the details in a health app database. It is also used to measure your body temperature and the Glucose level of your body

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8. Racquet: ANT+ featured sensor is attached to a racquet which helps the user to measure and record sports information such as ball speed, swing accuracy, set count, match count, etc. These details are sent to the display device or your phone 

9. Measure Footpods: It measures the number of footsteps, calories burnt, walking speed, etc, and displays it to your phone 

10. Light electric vehicle: This sensor is used in two-wheelers that run on a battery motor which is used to calculate the speed of pedaling and assists in how long the battery will last and the distance it can cover, through the display.

Can you uninstall the ANT radio service from your android device?

If the ANT Radio service is your system’s app then it might be a difficult task to uninstall it. unlike other apps, it doesn’t require storage or your phone battery if it is not used. If you want to uninstall this app you need to root your device.Another method is to use a debloater software by connecting the mobile to the PC

Stop ANT Radio service working?

ANT-supported phones are used for pairing with fitness devices to communicate with them to transmit data. It uses low-power technology that doesn’t consume much of your battery.

If you find some other methods to transmit data then you can stop ANT radio service from working from your mobile. It has no effects after disabling it.

  • Step 1: Open settings on your phone
  • Step 2: Go to Apps and open all apps
  • Step 3: Select ANT Radio Service from the list
  • Step 4: Choose the disable option
  • Step 5: Select OK and confirm your action to disable it.

Limitations of ANT Radio service?

Many apps are preinstalled and they are named system apps. as these apps are running in the background they tend to occupy memory space and in addition to it, these apps consume more battery. so it leads to phone hanging, mobiles getting too hot, etc. When a user sees the icon ANT Radio they are unaware that this app is used for transmitting data from their health or fitness devices. The users will try to uninstall it or else disable the app. So when they try to connect any health monitor app such as heart monitor, or step tracking it will not be connected. while trying to address the issue they will enable the ANT Radio service. And then it works fine.

USB1 ANT sticks are not supported with newer versions of ANT-compatible devices. Applications of newer versions should be able to work fine with ANT Features but some apps don’t support ANT USB service which is connected to the device .it’s better to use an updated version of applications.

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So this article would have explained to you about ANT Radio service which is playing a dominant role in Fitness and sports manufacturing companies. Also, you can use a simple HRM or Foot tracker device without the ANT+ feature or without connecting to your smartphone. But what makes the difference is that when you track your information you can have complete control over your fitness details or sports bike. Also, you can configure the settings and customize the options as per your choice. Overall you can track your real-time data and lead a hassle-free life as it is interoperable.

So start using ANT Radio service which is a wireless connection, uses low power of your phone and most importantly they do not collect any personal data.  ANT Radio service gives you a seamless experience while using your fitness and sports equipment.

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