What is a carrier hub?

A carrier hub is an android app that is affiliated with T-Mobile and sprint’s cellular subscription. If you have a subscription to T-mobile or sprints cellular connection, then you might have come across the app carrier hub on your android smartphone. This app is generally used to better the cellular experience on your device.

Versions of carrier hub

There can be two versions of the carrier hub app on your device. Depending upon the company of your cellular subscription there are two possible versions of the app and they are as follows:

  • If you are subscribed to the T-Mobile USA, then you may find the app preinstalled on your device, the icon of the app will be Magenta.
  • But in case if you are a subscriber of sprints, then you might find the app preinstalled on your device, the version of your app will be yellow in color

But in retrospect, the function and featured of both the versions of the app are the same. There are no significant changes in both of them apart from the obvious physical appearance. Besides that, both of the apps are made for the same reason and to perform the same functions. 

What is a carrier hub
What is a carrier hub?

Depending upon the instances, we can divide the presence of the app to be in your device into two parts. Both of them have been mentioned and explained as follows. 

  • Firstly, and primarily you must be a subscriber to T-Mobile or Sprints. If you are then the app may be preinstalled on your device. At the time of the manufacturing and stuff, the app is added to your device. So when we get a new device and boot it up, you will already find it in your device.
  • Secondly, if the app is not already present on your device and you are a subscriber of T-Mobile or Sprints, then the company might ask you to install it on your device for all in all a better cellular experience. You can download the app from the google play store.  

You must also make sure that you keep updating the app from time to time. Because updates are made in an app in order to fix the bugs or faults that were previously on the app. The developers fix those issues and give us a better version of the app. You can also update the app from the google play store itself. 

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How to update the carrier hub app

Updating your apps from time to time is very essential. Not updating your apps may cause them to malfunction and just not work altogether. So we must keep updating our apps to the latest version available whenever we can.

If you want to figure out how to update your app on the google play store, follow along with the steps as mentioned below.

  • Open and launch the google play store on your android smartphone.
  • After opening it click on the search bar and search for the app i.e., carrier hub, and click enter, or either you can press on the search icon( the icon of the search option is a magnifying glass)
  • Once you find the app you have already installed on your device, you will have to click on the update option that appears below the icon of the app. The update option is of green in color. 
  • After clicking on the update icon you are basically good to go, you will just have to make sure that you have a strong and consistent network connection on your device and wait for the update procedure to complete. 

What is the purpose of this app?

As already mentioned and explained earlier the basic function of this app is to overall better the experience of your cellular networking company, provided you are a subscriber to either Sprint or T-Mobile cellular network companies. There are of course additional features to this app that better your experience like WiFi calling. WiFi calling is a method, that allows us to send and receive calls as long as we have a WiFi connection. As long as we have a strong and stable WiFi connection we can call anybody just like we normally do with the normal calling system. 

Similarly, you can get updates about the company’s updated policies and stuff like that on their app. All in all, it just improves your cellular experience and is certainly not dangerous to your device as such. There is absolutely no harm in having the app on your device whatsoever. It is not a threat to the safety of your device and its data. 

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Permission carrier hub app requires

We all know that whenever we install a new app, every app requires a few permissions granted to them for the smooth functioning of the app. Similarly, the carrier hub also requires a set of permissions as when you open it for the first time:

  • Development tools
  • System settings
  • Log access
  • System storage
  • GPS location
  • Internet access
  • Connectivity access

Some of you might be thinking that the app requires too many permissions and is capable of making a change in your device. Yes, that is true! And you have to be mindful about it. It can make changes to your call logs as well. And since it requires connectivity access it can tell whether your device is connected to WiFi or not. If it is connected then you are also capable of WiFi calling. 

Issues you might potentially face while using carrier hub

If you are facing any of these issues with your carrier hub app then this may be a sign that you will have to get rid of the app as soon as possible.

Performance issues

You might find that many at times even if you have closed off all your apps the carrier hub still may be running in the background and making changes to your device. The app may cause to take up space on your device and also cause it to lag or glitch at times

High data usage

It is observed that the app can exhaust your cellular data plan quickly. Since the app runs in the background we don’t even realize that the app is using up our internet data plan, and puts an end to it fairly quickly. Cellular data is also a big issue for the companies like T-Mobile as well as Sprint. The app running in the background is a huge setback because we don’t really realize that the app uses as many resources as it is which is also exhausting it.

Battery draining

Since the app is running in the background and using as many resources at a time as it is, the battery of your device drains it at a faster rate than normal. This is quite obvious because even after removing the recently running apps this app still runs in the background and uses up every ounce of the battery and we don’t even realize it until it is too late.

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It will be wise of you if you delete the app as soon as possible if you are facing any of the aforementioned issues. You may face a little inconvenience but that is entirely up to you whether you want to face the above-mentioned issues or a little inconvenience post uninstallation. 

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Final words

The app, all in all, bottom line is that the app is made for the convenience of the users and for a better cellular experience for its users. It may cause a few troubles in your device’s functioning in which case we must make sure that we uninstall the app. But it is created for additional features and luxuries that without the app you will not be able to avail yourself. 

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is the carrier hub app a spy app?

No, the carrier hub app is not a spy app. Since it comes with the trusted companies like T-Mobile and Sprint, it is safe to assume that the app is not a spyware and is not going to steal our data even when it has access to quite some personal information.

Q. What is the main function of the app in our Android apps?

The main function of the app is to improve the service provided by the companies T-Mobile and Sprint. It provides additional features to your already available features provided by the company. Some additional features as already mentioned are WiFi calling and also voiceovers and many more additional features. 

Q. Should I uninstall the carrier hub app?

 If you are facing issues working with the app, such as the issues mentioned above in the article it will be wise of you to uninstall the app as soon as possible. This will keep your device in a better condition and reduce the risk of compromising the normal functioning of your smartphone. 

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