Add folder to iPhone

Why Folders Are Important

Folders help you keep organized, which is one of its benefits. Folders also help to facilitate the home screen of your phone,  simpler to find what you're searching.

Tips for Using Folders

One tip is to make a folder for all of the programs you use frequently. This will make it more comfortable for you to find such apps and save you time of  browsing. 

How to add folder to iPhone

Go to the Settings app and look for the General area to add a folder. Choose Display & Brightness by tapping on it. After that, touch on the Folder. 

At the top, you'll see an empty rectangle; here is where you'll put your new folder. 

Return to your home screen when you've ended making it, then tap and hold one of your applications until it begins to shake. Drag it to your newly created folder after that!

METHOD 1: Drag-Drop METHOD 2: Tap-Hold

To know about them in detail click on the link below