ANNO: Mutationem Getting to IOS AND Android

The Beta versions of the ANNO: Mutationem are expected to release on the IOS and Android this winter.

PlayStation release date

This game developed by Lightning Games and Thinkingstars was first launched on March 17 on PlayStation 5 and PC. This game is set in a Cyberpunk world.

2d and 3D graphic styles

The beta versions feature a mix of both 2D and 3D graphic styles with a rich, dark and mysterious plot to surprise the gamers.

Game design

It is an action-adventure with the main task of hunting down the vicious criminals present in the Cyberpunk world.

Game Location

We can explore the world locations such as neon Noctics town, an off-shore cargo ship, where players can go and enjoy the game.

Chat bot in the game

We can also chat with a Cyborg corgi, a part-time bartender, during the game to know the details about the criminals, cities, and tasks of the game.

Chat bot in the game

The main character is Ann Flores, just like any other game she gets to shoot, slash, combat, and walk through the way of vicious criminals to finish the tasks.

Buying the weaponry

The game also contains many weapons and safety items, we can win the chips in the game and can buy the weaponry to upgrade ourselves.

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