Apple Fixes Security Flaw In its WatchOS

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team has notified Apple company about the critical flaw in the Apple Watch.

WatchOS 8.6

As per the official website, the Apple Watches running on WatchOS 8.6 and below are vulnerable to many security concerns in the device.

Security concerns with WatchOS

These vulnerabilities will allow the hackers and attackers to breach the OS to execute arbitrary code and bypass the security restrictions of the Watch.

Other Vulnerabilities with version 8.6

The other vulnerabilities include buffer overflow in the AppleAVD component, authorization issues in the integrity component, out of bounds write in Audio, and more.

Breach of Security

Due to these flaws, the bad actors could gain the access to the device and can have the personal data of the user in no time.

Issues raised by Cert-In

To rectify the issues raised by the Cert-In, Apple has recently released the WatchOS 8.7 and asked the users to update the software to remove the vulnerabilities.

Rectifying the error

The error was discovered by Natalie Sivanovich in the Google project Zero team and it has been identified as CVE-2022-32788.

Update the OS

Most users might have already updated to the new version of WatchOS, but the people who are yet to do it are at risk of losing personal data.

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