Apple Remove All Traces of Intel Hardware From Their M2 MacBook

The recent iFixit blog post has revealed that Apple has removed the intel hardware.

No traces of USB4

When the iFixit website bisected the new M2 processor, they noticed no traces of intel's USB4 retimes and replaced them with others.

Intel Retimer chips in M2

The previous MacBook models were installed with the Intel retimer chips that utilize USB4 and Thunderbolt support for better performance.

UO9PY3 chips for MacBook

The USB4 chips installed in the MacBook models were designed by Apple itself, the chips codenamed UO9PY3 were customized to improve the performance of the MacBooks.

Reason for dropping Intel chips

Though Apple has not yet revealed the reasons for dropping Intel's USB4 chips from the making, they might also keep quiet about it for some time.

Supply chain problems

It is also rumored that the reason for replacement might be to reduce the cost of the MacBooks or due to the supply chain restraints.

Apple's distaste in JHL8040R chip

Another blog pointed out the reason could be Apple's distaste for the new Intel JHL8040R chip, which could not meet its expectations of Apple.

AMD's latest adaption

The AMD Rembrandt-based laptops also replaced the USB4 chips with the KB8001 Matterhorn timer chips, developed by the Swiss Startup Kandou. Only the manufacturers know the real reason.

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