Apple Watch Update Stuck on Verifying-How to fix it?

The users complained about the issue of updating problem in the Apple watch, it gets stuck on verifying while updating.

Check for the prerequisites

Check whether your phone follows all the prerequisites required for the update like the latest software in the paired device, 50% battery, internet connection, etc.

Update using the Watch

Rather than using a paired device to update the watch, update it using the watch itself for avoiding such issues. Go to the software updates on the watch and download the update.

Remove the Passcode

The updates require certain permissions to start it, so make sure you remove the passcode for both Apple watch and device to smoothly download the latest version.

Turn On and Off the Airplane Mode

Turn off and turn on the Airplane mode to get better connectivity for your phone. Go to the control panel, and click on the icon with an airplane on it.

Reset the Network Settings

Reset the Network settings, this action will delete all the saved settings. Go to the settings-> click on reset in the general settings and reset the network settings.

Restart the phone

Restart the phone and watch to redo the process, a restart will resolve the internal issues in the system software and make sure you know how to do this properly.

Unpair and Re-pair the Watch

Unpair and repair the Apple watch with the paired device, this establishes a fresh connection between the watch and the Apple device.

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