Black Widget on iPhone

What is a black widget on iPhone?

The Widget appears as a black screen when you have not defined or assigned content for it. This issue can be resolved further if you follow some steps.

How to fix the black widget on iPhone?

If we want to remove the black screen we need to allocate it some content. Such as you can Choose a photo Album that includes at least one photo and can assign it there and name it.

How to add a widget to your Home screen?

– Keep holding your home screen until apps start jiggling. – Click on ‘+’ – Pick any widget. – Select its size and click on add widget. – Drag it anywhere you want it, and click done.

How to change the widget color?

– Search for a widget addition – Open Google app. – Click on the profile picture of your google. – Search for the settings of the widget. – Tap the icon for changing color, size,

How do I change my iPhones widget pictures?

If you are looking for the answer of these question click on the below link.