Can iPhone 6 get iOS 13 explained in 8 slides?

This web story will be explained to you if the iOS 13 is capable of running on iPhone 6.

What are the downgrades?

If you own an iPhone that was discarded then don’t worry, Apple tends to make sure that their devices are not disregarded and fully-functional.

Why are iPhones discontinued by Apple?

As the phones get older their hardware is not able to keep up with the current heavy hardware. This causes to removal the software.

What is new in the iOS 13 update?

iOS 13 was an update that boasted a lot of design changes and inbuilt functions that would make the iPhone almost 30 percent faster.

Feature 1: Dark mode:

This feature was introduced for the people who use their iPhones at night or in any darker area. This is to save dark mode.

Feature 2: Safari Downloads:

With the iOS 13 update, you can download different apps on your iPhone. You can download the files from the Safari app for iPhone.

How to download iOS 13 in iPhone 6?

There is no straight way of downloading the iOS 13 on iPhone 6. You can only do this by Jailbreaking the device.

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