Delete Hidden apps in iPhone in just 1 minute

In this webstory you will learn the best methods to delete the hidden apps of your iPhone

What is App Library?

What is App Library?

The App Library is a feature introduced in iOS 14 which was to keep all your apps smartly organized in a single location.

Why Hide aPps?

You may choose to hide apps to make your navigation and flow fluid and short. You can also do it for privacy.

How can I hide my apps?

There are two ways of hiding your apps on the home screen.  Individual or Page wise.

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For Individual Apps:


On the home screen of your iPhone. Long press on any app and remove from the home screen to hide it.

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For Full pages:


Long press on an empty space and select the pages that you want to hide. This way you will be able to hide entire pages.

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Check in App Library


Go to the right most part of your Home screen to get to the App Library. There you can find all your hidden apps

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