How to make your iPhone say something when you plug it in?

Check out to learn how to make your iPhone say something when you plug it in

Make the iPhone say something when you plug it in!

With the help of Shortcuts, you can make your iPhone say whatever you want when it gets plugged in. 

1. Shortcuts

1.Open the shortcuts app on your iPhone. Shortcuts app can be seen in the image on the screen!!

2. Automation 

Locate the navigation bar and navigate to the 'Automation' tab in the middle of the bottom screen  

3. Personal Automation

Select 'Create Personal Automation'.  Find 'Charger' in the list of automation and select it 

4. Charging Prompt

Plug the device into the charger. This will prompt the 'Is Connected' option. Select it.  

5. Adding Action 

Now select the 'Next' option at the top right corner. Now, choose 'Add Action'. This will allow us to add action in the shortcut

6. Entering the Text

Search the 'Speak Text' option and tap on it. Select the 'Text' option and type whatever you want Siri to say

7. Ask Before Running Option

Then, check if 'Ask Before Running' is turned off.  Select 'Don't Ask' at the confirmation box

8. Check Working

Tap 'Done' to save the automation  Plug your device on charging to make sure that the feature is working

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