How does Screen Rotation work on an iPhone? 

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To Lock or Not to Lock? 

Locking rotation prevents your screen from rotating by changing the orientation of the phone.By default, the rotation lock is disabled


Many apps won't auto-rotate, no matter how many times you tilt your phone sideways. If your Rotation Lock is disabled, the screen will rotate automatically 

Rotation Locked in Portrait 

Portrait is iPhone's native screen orientation. On locking in portrait, it will not auto-rotate even if apps support it. 

Rotation Locked in Landscape 

Landscape is not the iPhone’s native screen orientation. Thus, it will rotate back to portrait if the screen or app does not support landscape mode on iPhone. 

Apps that support Landscape Mode 

You can lock video streaming apps like Youtube and Netflix in landscape mode. These won't revert or change the orientation. 

How to Lock Rotation? 

Pull down from the right side to access the control center in your iPhone. Tap on the Screen Orientation Lock. 


If you have issues regarding this, try enabling and disabling the screen orientation lock.

If the problem persists, refresh the memory. Restart your phone if neither of these works.

Reset settings: 

Reset your setting if the steps in the previous slide don't work. 

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