How to access iCloud photos on Apple devices?

Cloud services are a great tool to back up your data in the generation where people change their gadgets quickly.

They keep track of all our photos and documents in an organized manner and increase the storage capacity of our devices.

Uses of Cloud Services

To use the Cloud, we need to enable the services, go to the settings, click on your ID and turn on the iCloud services.

Enable the iCloud Services

To view, the photos go the photos app on your phone and click on the photos to see the albums. Make an album of your favorites if you want.

View and Access

To access photos on Mac, click on photos and switch to iCloud photos to see all the photos in the Cloud. We can also view all documents.

Cloud Photos on MAC

To see photos on a windows PC, visit Apple support and download iCloud for windows. Sign in using Apple ID to use Cloud photos.

Photos On Windows PC

To access the photos remotely, visit on Apple devices and the same in desktop mode for Android devices to view them.

iCloud Services over the Internet

When the storage space is not sufficient, iCloud uses a space-saving tool by reducing the picture quality.

Space Optimization Tool

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