how to add a Screen Recorder on iPhone in 1 minute.

This is a guide that will help you in getting screen recorder on your iPhone.

What is Screen Recorder on iPhone?

Screen recorder is a in built feature that is used save everything you do on your screen.

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Steps of Adding screen recorder.

Now let us see the steps that you can use to add a toscreen recorder on your control center.

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Settings app


Go to the settings app and find the control center tab inside it. Click on it and open it.

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Control center


In the control center menu, find the screen recorder tab and click on the "+" icon. This will add the screen record button to the control center.

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Open Control center and start recording.


After adding the screen recording feature to the Control center. Swipe up open it and click on the record button.

You  can also use other apps in your iPhone other than the standard recorder.

There are plenty of other apps in the App Store to use as a screen recorder on iPhone.

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