How to bring up task manager in iPhone/MacBook?

How to open Task Manager on MacBook?

Open Activity Monitor from Spotlight:

1. Click ⌘ + Spacebar to open Spotlight 2. Start composing Activity Monitor 3. When Activity Monitor arrives featured, hit Enter. 4. FINDER, look for the Activity Monitor and open

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5.You'll click FINDER from the DOCK 6. Research Applications on the sidebar 7. Select Utilities in the Applications window 8. Double-tap on the Activity Monitor symbol.

At that point, when Activity Monitor is dynamic:

Right-click on the Activity Monitor symbol in your Dock Select Options "Keep in Dock"

"Keep in Dock" should currently have a mark of the clearance adjacent to it, and that implies it will stay in the Dock regardless of whether you left the application

then, at that point, you can send it off like some other schedule.

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