How to change email passwords on iPhone in just 1 min.

This webstory will help you in understanding how you can change the email passwords on iPhone.

What are the different type of  emails?

Apple provides you with the feature of adding multiple emails with different service providers.

What are the different types of emails supported?

There are multiple emails supported like: Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo ,etc.

How can we change the passwords of the emails?

Go to the settings app of the iPhone and open the "Passwords" tab.

Passwords tab in Settings.

Give Face ID or Touch ID. After authorization, click on the change passwords tab to proceed in changing password.

Select the service provider of your email.

Select the email service provider that you use for example Gmail. Then open the service provider settings.

Change the email passwords.

After opening it, enter your old password and then your new password. This would successfully change your password.

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