How to change snooze time in 1 minutes on your iPhone?

This webstory will help you in changing the snooze time of your iPhone.

What is the snooze time?

Snooze time is a feature in the alarm of your iPhone that helps you in waking up.

Can you change the Snooze time in iPhone?

Yes, you can change the iPhone's snooze time very easily. You just need to follow some steps.

Steps for changing the Snooze time in iPhone

Go to the settings of your iPhone and open the alarm app from there. You can also use the control center to do this.

In the Alarms app of your iPhone.

You can now see the alarm you have set up. Click on the Snooze toggle to turn it off.

Set new alarms at the time frames that you want.

With this now you can finally make the new alarms in your iPhone. Set the alarms in the time frames that you need.

Shorten or Lengthen the time frames of your iPhone.

Now set up the desired time frame. Set a longer or shorter time frame in the alarms. Set multiple alarms so you can wake up.

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