How to edit featured photos in iPhone?

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What are Featured Photos? 

Your photos are automatically arranged into a collection called Featured Photos by Apple's Photos app. 

Where can we find them?

Featured Photos can be found in the For You section in the Photos App. 

Can we add photos to the Featured Photos? 

The feature of adding photos to the Featured Photos album has not yet been introduced in the iPhone. You can remove or favorite the photos. 

How to Favorite the Photos 

You can favorite the photos in Featured Photos by clicking on the heart icon.

How to Edit the photos 

You can edit the photos in the Featured Photos section by selecting the photo and then choosing the edit option. 

How to Share the photos 

You can share the photos in the Featured Photos by clicking on the icon which looks like a box with an arrow sticking out of it. 

How to remove photos from Featured Photos 

You can remove photos from the Featured Photos indirectly. For this, you need to first add the photos widget in the homescreen 

Removing a photo 

Now you can scroll to the photo you want to remove, and tap on the widget. Then select the share button and then choose “Remove from Featured Photos”.

Deleting the photos 

You can also delete the photos from Featured Photos by clicking on the bin icon. 

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