How to find one lost AirPods using an iPhone?

To find the misplaced or lost AirPods we can use the "Find My" app to locate them and emit the chirping sound.

Enable the "Find My" on iPhone

The first thing you need to do is enable the "Find My" settings on the iPhone to be able to locate the device.

Setting the "Find My Phone"

Go to the settings and click on your profile. Navigate to the "Find My" section and enable the "Find My Phone" feature.

Download the "Find My" app

Download and Lunch the Find My app, go to the devices section and add your AirPods by tapping on the Add device or puls icon.

Locate using the Maps

Now click on the device, if there is enough charge on your device it will show the AirPods location on the map.

Using the iCloud.Com

To do this on a browser, log in to your iCloud account using the Apple ID credentials, and add the device to the "All Devices" section.

Enable the chirping sound

To enable the chirping sound on the device, go to the device name and select "Play Sound" to emit the sounds from the device.

Not Available or Offline

If the App is showing "No Location" or "Offline"  it means either your device is out of charge or the phone is unable to locate it.

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