How to fix downloading messages from iCloud getting stuck?

This is a common issue faced sometimes by users when they are trying to retrieve content from the cloud.

Force restart the phone

Restarting the phone gives the OS a fresh start, this will rectify the internal glitches in the system software.

Restart the Messages app to cloud

Go to the settings and disable the toggle for the messages app. This again enables the toggle to make a fresh connection.

Reset the iCloud account

Reset the cloud account, to do so, log out of your Apple account on all devices and log in again to reset the account.

Check and reset the network settings

The internet connection should be pretty good, turn it off and on once, it did not work, go to settings and reset all the network settings.

Force restart the messages app

Force restart the Messages app, remove it from the recent apps and open it again and try recovering the messages.

Check for iCloud Maintenance

Sometimes when the cloud is under maintenance the issue might pop up, so check it on the Apple status page and try again to retrieve the data.

Use third-party apps to fix it

Use a third-party app to fix it, connect the computer and phone, select the issue and download the software provided, to rectify the issue.

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