How to get rid of App Library in 1 min?

In this web story, you will learn how to remove App Library from your iPhone.

What is the App Library?

App Library is a linear app box where all of the apps of our iPhone are kept in an organized and neat manner.

What are the folders in App Library?

The App Library has the feature of managing the apps by categories like Suggestions, Recently Added, Creativity, Social, Utilities, etc.

Where are the Offloaded apps stored?

if you have previously hidden or offloaded any app, it will be present in the App Library for you to use.

Can you disable the App Library?

You cannot disable App Library from your iPhone as there is no function for doing so in iOS 14. Downgrade to previous.

How to ignore the presence of App Library:

Fill your home screen with pages with apps to make sure you never run into the App library.

Make sure apps do not be downloaded in the App Library.

Make changes to the settings and set the download location to home screen of your iPhone.

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