How to get the downloads on iPhone in 1 minute?

This web story will guide you in getting the downloads of your iPhone.

Download Manager on iPhone.

Download Manager on iPhone.

In iOS 13, Apple added the download manager on the Safari app via you can download on iPhone

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MEthods  for ACCESSING THE DOWNLOAD Manager on iPhone.

The download manager is a feature to manage the downloads on your iPhone.

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In the Files app


In the files app, you will find the downloads folder where all your downloaded files are stored.

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Accesing downloads in Music app.


You can download any music file and access it in the Apple Music app.

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USing the Photos app.


If you have downloaded or saved as image file then, you can find it in your Photos app.

Safari Has a Downloads Manager.

Whenever you download anything, it will be shown in the Safari app as a downloaded file.

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