How to hide personal photos on iPhone?

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Where can you hide these personal photos? 

The Photos app on the iPhone provides you with the “Hidden” folder where you can store your personal photos. 

How to add photos to the hidden section? 

Follow the steps from the next slide to learn how to hide photos on the iPhone. 

Open Photos 

Open the Photos app. Now, open the photo to be hidden. You can choose multiple images also. 

Select Share 

Tap on the “Share” option in the bottom row of the screen. It looks like a box with an arrow sticking out of it. 

Select Hide 

In the row at the bottom of your screen, scroll right until you find the “Hide” option. Tap on it. Tap on “Hide Photo” to confirm. 

Where to find my photo?  

You can find this photo in the hidden folder of your Photos. this folder will have all the hidden photos. 

Hidden Folder 

The Hidden folder can be found under “Other albums”, when you scroll down to the end of the Photos app main screen 

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