How to make your Music louder in iPhone with 8 slides?

This webstory will help you in making your iPhone sound louder

Why increase volume?

Sometimes your volume is blocked by any of the apps or when you want to hear your music in the highest audio possible.

How much Volume can you increase?

You will be able to use these techniques to increase the audio of your iPhone by almost 40 percent of its original volume.

What are audio caps?

Audio caps are available for headphone safety and also to limit  your use of headphones for a longer duration of time at high volume

How to remove the audio cap from your iPhone?

You can remove the audio caps and the audio in your headphones will not be blocked by any restrictions

In the Settings App.

Go to the “Sounds and Haptics” menu and find the limits menu in the haptics section.

The “Headphone Safety” menu

you will see two toggles namely the “Headphone Notifications” and “Reduce Loud Sounds” toggles.  Disable them.

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