How to play games on iMessage in 1 min?

This web story will help you in playing games in iMessage of your iPhone.

What is iMessage?

What is iMessage?

Apple’s iMessage is a messaging app that can send chats, messages, videos, images, audio, or any other multimedia over the internet to your contacts.

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What else can you send in iMessage?

You can send many more unique types of messages like Digital arts and even play games on the iMessage app itself.

What are games on iMessage?

You are able to play free fun games with your friends and family members over the iMessage app.

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Go to the Messages app


Find the contact you want to play your games with and open the send button. Open their chat from the Messages app.

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DOWNLOAD Game Pigeon.


Once you are in the chat, from the above menu open the Mini app store and download Game pigeon.

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Send Invite to your friends.


Choose a game and send the game invites to your friends via chat. Wait for them to join and then play with them.

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