How to power off iPhone 13 -Various best possible ways


This is the easiest and most effective way to turn off or on our iPhones. Every iPhone is provided with a power button on the right-hand side.

How to power off iPhone 13 without power button?

1. Open settings. 2. Go to general. 3. Now, You will see an option labeled as a tap shut down button. 4. Now, just tap on the Slider Button from left to right, and you are ready to go after that.

Can we turn off our phone without touching the screen with the home button?

Hold the lock button on the right side of our iPhone.While holding the lock button simultaneously, press the power button. Now the phone will turn off.

How to turn off our phone without a home button?

– Firstly, push the volume button up and the volume down button. – Now press the lock button for some time until now phone will turn off.

How to turn off our iPhone without touching any buttons?

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Select settings and click on general. Click the shutdown option. Now we can see the power off option on our mobile phone.  Drag that option from the left side to the right side. Your phone will power off.

Can we turn off/restart our iPhone using assistive touch?

To know in detail click on the below link