How to read news stories on Apple Gadget in just 1 min?

In this web story we will see how to read news stories on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch in just 1 min?

News app easily keeps you connected with today

It should be noted that service of news app is not available in all regions or countries.

Find stories in the News app on Apple Watch

Tapping on notification from news. Command to Siri for news app.

 opening a story on  iPod touch

Open the News app-> tap Following->tap Saved Stories-> tap the story.

 Opening a story on iPad

Its too easy to open a story on iPad, just navigate to the News app -> tap Saved Stories -> tap the story.

Opening a story on MacBook

 Navigate to News app on your MacBook -> click Saved Stories in the sidebar -> click the story

Opening news stories on iPhone

Navigate to news app->wake iPhone->open the App Switcher->tap the story

 Find next or previous news story

Open the News app-> Swipe left for next story ->Swipe right for previous story.

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