How to save GIFs on your iPhone in 1 Min?

In this web story you will learn how to save Gifs on iPhone.

What are GIFs?

What are GIFs?

GIFs are short compressed videos in a pixelated format that boomerangs itself which means it repeats itself after it is finished.

how you can make your videos into GIFs by using your iPhone?

There are mulitiple different ways you can convert your videos into GIfs. One is by online convertors.

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Safari browser from the home screen


In the search bar, search for and open the website in your Safari browser of iPhone.

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select the tab named “Video to GIFs


 Upload your existing video or images to the convertor. Click on the Upload video button then click on the convert button

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“To GIFs” tab


In the GIF tab select the way you want to convert the file and then hit next to convert it. You will have your preview ready.

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 Press Convert to GIFs button


Download the GIFs and save them to your files app. You can now share the GIF file with your contacts.

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