How to see past notifications on your iPhone? 

Check out this story to alearn how to access your past notifications

Lost an important notification by haste??

 Unable to find the notification on the notification panel and may be it get lost???

Don't worry, Its not gone forever!!

Now, You can see all your cleared  and old notifications on your iPhone!  

Follow the Steps

To access the cleared or past notifications on iPhone, follow the simple steps as shown in the next slide.

1. Go to Settings: 

First, open the Settings app on your iPhone To view past or cleared notifications. 

2. Go to Notification: 

In the Settings, look for the notifications option. Now, go to the Notifications section in Settings. 

3. To see recent notifications:

In the Notifications section, notifications from the last 24 hours can be accessed under the “Recent Notifications” section. 

4. To see older notifications:

Find and tap on “See All” to view notifications older than 24 hours. 

And, Guess What?

Now you can see all your previous notifications which you might have missed. You can also sort these notifications based on apps, recent ones or manually. 

And Additionally:

You can also change the notification settings app-wise in the notification section in the settings of your iPhone  

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