How to set a song as a ringtone on iPhone in 1 min?

This web story will help you in setting your favorite songs your ringtone on your iPhone.

Who doesn’t like to listen to their favorite music

Let us see how we can set your favorite music as your iPhone ringtone.

What is a ringtone?

A ringtone is a sound your phone makes when you have an incoming call on your mobile device.

How to change the ringtone of your iPhone?

In iPhones, ringtones are named as Tones for short, which means that wherever you see the term Tones is used.

Change to another pre-loaded ringtone.

In the Settings app. Under the "Ringtones” section, you will find a list of pre-loaded ringtones that are available for your iPhone

How to set your song as a ringtone?

Download the Song from Safari or any other browser. After downloading save it to the Files app.

Use the GarageBand app to make the ringtone

Open the downloaded song in the Garageband app and convert it to the ringtone. Set the time frames and set it as your ringtone in the settings.

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