How to set reminders on iPhone in just 1 min.

In this web story what are the steps and techniques of setting reminders on iPhone.

What are Reminders and how do they help us?

Reminders are a generic software tool that helps us to maintain our work-life balance by keeping our schedule in check.

What are reminders on iPhone?

What are reminders on iPhone?

The Reminders app of iPhone helps you to plan your events and dates and remind them to you when the date or time arrives.

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How you can set reminders on your iPhone?

Apple has a built-in app called the reminders app on iPhone. It can be used to set reminders and set dates and events on your iPhone.

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Reminders app.


At the bottom of the app,you will see a + button in blue called “New Reminder”. Press on it and start a new reminder.

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enter the Title


In the Title write the name of the reminder with any notes that you want to be reminded with the reminder.

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Set Date and Time.


Activate the time and date toggles from the Details menu and set them as when you want to be reminded off. Click on Add reminder.

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