How to share wifi password from iPhone to android in 1 min?

This web story will tell you the different methods of WIFI Password sharing.

What is Wifi?

What is Wifi?

Wifi is a Wireless network of interconnected computers. They can be very useful and found out to be worthwhile in t usage.

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What are the Wifi Password Managers?

Wifi password managers are making the Wifi hold out its passwords as a set hold out stages. This holds the passwords of the Wifi.

How  can you use WiFI PAssword Managers?

Wifi are accessed with the password managers. You can use them to transfer passwords between iPhone and android devices.

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Go to the App Store of iPhone.


Find the Passwords manager you want to use with and download it. Open their app and login.

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Set the Wifi Passwords


Once you have logged in. You can now set the Wifi passwords and send them to any devices that support it.

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Send the Wifi Passwords to android.


Choose a device that you want to send to from the share options. You can now send it using bluetooth.

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