How to Silence Notification on iPhone?

Message pop-ups and nonstop notifications are ruining my life. Yours as well, I bet. How to Silence Notification on iPhone?

Instruction manual to switch off Notifications:

Switch off Notifications: You will get a settings choice on your iPhone. On clicking on the Settings, you’ll get the Notifications icon.


Open the Settings application on your iPhone. This is the application with the stuff-formed logo that accompanied your iPhone. Then, at that moment, tap Notifications.

 Allow Notifications:

At last, switch off Allow Notifications. This will switch off each kind of notification from that application.


Change the Banner Style from Temporary, and that means it will disappear after a few seconds, to Persistent, which indicates it will stay at your screen until you swipe it away.

Steps to clear all notifications from Notification Center:

Scroll down from the above point of your screen, Notification Center > Swipe Down > Tap ‘X’ > Tap Clear All Notifications will be cleared.

How to Switch Off Push Notifications?

Throughout the most current years, there's been an inevitably uncontrolled need for a re-assessment of the relationship between people and cell phones.

About Push and Pull

Message pop-ups completed up being an advertiser's fantasy: They're basically difficult to differentiate from a message or email without looking, so you need to look.

How to Hide notifications on your iPhone?

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