How to stop sharing locations without them knowing?

Location sharing is a great feature for safety reasons but also compromises privacy.

Evading the privacy

We need to give access to only those we trust. We can sop the access without other people knowing.

Disable the Find My Phone feature

Go to the settings and navigate to the Find My section and turn off the Find my phone option in that, this will cut off location access.

Stop sharing the location

Similarly, we can stop sharing the location to the server, so that it never sends it to others, go to the Find My settings and turn off the toggle.

Location cut off to certain people

We can do this to certain people too, download the Find My app and select the contact and restrict the access to that particular person.

Using iMessages to restrict people

We can use the iMessages to cut off access to particular people, open the app and select the conversation and stop the access.

Turn On Airplane Mode

 Turning On aeroplane mode will cut off all cellular and network connections, so turn it on in the control centre and GPS won't detect your location.

Use two devices to spoof the location

We can use two devices to spoof the location. Log in to both devices using the same Apple account and select the device to leave behind.

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