How to turn off Auto-caps on iPhone?

Is Auto-caps an annoying feature? Tap on screen to learn to turn off Auto-caps on iPhone.

Do you really need Auto-Caps?

Auto Caps is the feature that automatically capitalizes the first letter of some words of your text. This can sometimes be troublesome

Open Settings 

Open the Settings on your iPhone. Settings will allow you to tinker with many features in your iPhone.

 Select General

Select the General section in the Settings. Here you can find some options such as About, Software update, Spotlight Search, etc. 

Select Keyboard

Select the Keyboard option in the General section of Settings. This will let you edit the features related to the on-screen keyboard.

If On An iPad  

If you use a hardware keyboard with your iPad, Select “Hardware Keyboard”. This will you enable you to edit features related to the hardware keyboard.

Auto-Capitalisation Switch 

Tap on the Auto-capitalisation Switch. It will turn from green to white. 

Keyboard Section  

The Keyboard section provides other feature toggles like Check Spelling, Predictive and Auto-Correction

The General Section 

The General section in your iPhone is packed and has features to enable or disable Rotation, Mute, and Date & Time 

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