How to turn on nfc on iPhone in 1 min?

This web story will help you understanding how NFC works and use it.

What is NFC transmission in iPhone?

What is NFC transmission in iPhone?

Apple’s iPhone has the special form of transmission called as the NFC transmission.

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What else can NFC do?

NFC is a bit-by-bit transmission capable device. Which means it can do anything in sending.

What are NFC and how is actiavted?

NFC is faster than Bluetooth in case of transmission. Let us see how you can activate it.

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Go to the settings app


Use the settings of your iPhone to do this. Go inside and search the list of settings.

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Find the DATA tab


In the data file, find the t tab to get the notifications of NFC pair started. Click on transmission

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Send and connect NFC friends.


Choose a pair of friends and send the invites to your friends to pair up with them. Wait for them to join and then send it to them.

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