How to turn on the medical ID on the iPhone? 

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What is the medical ID section on the iPhone? 

Medical ID allows first responders to access your important medical information without needing your passcode from the Lock screen. 

How to set up the Medical ID section? 

Follow the steps from the next slide to learn how to set up the Medical ID section. 

Open Health App 

Open the Health app. The icon is as shown on the screen Now tap on the “Summary” tab. 

Profile Picture 

In the upper-right corner, Tap on the Profile picture. Here, tap on “Medical ID” to select it. 

Select Health Details

Tap on "Health Details " from the options to select it. This will give you access to the health details section

Tap on edit 

In the upper right corner, Tap on “Edit”. This will allow you to edit all the health details.

Enable in  Lock Screen  

On your iPhone, enable Show When Locked to make your Medical ID accessible from the Lock screen. 

Enter Data

Enter your health information like your DOB, allergies, and blood type. Tap done. Hence you medical data is saved. 

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