How to use backspace on the iPhone’s calculator?

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Where is the backspace on iOS Calculator? 

The iOS Calculator doesn't have a backspace button. But that doesn't mean the feature is absent.

How to use backspace without a button? 

Follow the steps from the next slide to learn how to use backspace on the iOS calculator. 

The Backspace Gesture 

To erase one digit from your calculator, swipe left or right above the keys on your screen. 

Landscape Mode? 

The iOS calculator works in the landscape mode as well and this feature works in landscape orientation too.  

iOS Calculator 

With the new iOS update, you can change the color scheme of your calculator too. There are many color schemes to choose from.`

Shortcuts in Calculator 

You can make shortcuts using the shortcuts app to directly use the calculator for calculations like finding tips at restaurants. 

Scientific Calculator 

You can access the Scientific Calculator by turning your sideways(Landscape). 

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