How to use your iPhone as a level? 

The iPhone can be used as a level. To learn more, tap on the screen!!! 

What is Level? 

To find the inclination of a surface, you can use a tool called the level. It is used in the construction industry extensively.

Can I use my iPhone as a Level? 

Follow the steps from the next slide to learn how to use your iPhone as a Level!! 

Utilities folder 

Select the Utilities folder on your Homescreen. This will give you access to many apps which are related to utilities. 

Measure App 

Select and open the measure app from the Utilities folder. Or you can search for the Measure app in the App Library. 

Select Level 

You can observe two options on the bottom of the screen- Measure and Level. Select Level.

Checking Level 

Hold your device on the surface you want to check the level of. You can try it while fixing a photo to your wall. 

Reading Level 

When the surface is level, your screen will turn green and the angle displayed will be 0°. If not on a level, The screen will be black and the angle will show the inclination. 

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