iPhone 12 pro tips and tricks

Let us know some cool tips and tricks in IOS 14, which will make you look tech-savvy.

Set up multiple Face IDs

We can set up multiple faces for Face ID unlocking, using the "Set up an Alternate Appearance", just add another person as an alternate face ID.

Back Tap feature

Use the "Back Tap" double or Triple touch to invoke an action like opening an app, feature, etc. Available in the Accessibility section.

Create shortcuts using the shortcuts app

Create shortcuts using the shortcuts app, just add the necessary actions in your shortcut and save it to perform that action.

Download Custom icons for apps

Create custom icons on IOS 14, download any theme from the third-party apps, and install them to launch the themes on your phones.

Unique Control Center

The control center in the new version is equipped with many features like different flashlight brightnesses, TV remote, calculator, and notes.

Advanced Camera Settings

We can take videos on HDR mode, click pictures in preserved modes, change the fps while recording the video, facetime people in 1080p mode, etc. We can take mirror selfies too.

Apple Privacy Policy

The privacy is increased as Apple shows details about which app collects what info and orange and green dots to alert about camera and microphone usage.

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