What is Apple's return policy? 

 Learn about Apple’s Refund Policy for your Apple Products in the US!!  Tap on your screen now!!

Is Apple’s Refund Policy Great? 

Apple provides replacement or complete refund for their products. You should first return the product to initiate the Refund process 

14 Day Deadline!

Apple gives you a 14 day window to apply for returning the product after you purchase it. And then a 14 day window to return the product at any apple store or through shipping.

Item Should be Repackaged!! 

The item being returned should be repackaged with all the accessories and documentation that were received including the receipt.

Bought from Other Retailer?? 

If the product was purchased through another retailer, you must follow the return and refund policy as specified by that retailer only.

Cancel Wireless Account after Returning!! 

Your wireless account will not be instantly cancelled on return the product. If you need to cancel the service agreement, make sure to contact the carrier.

When will I get my Refund?  

The refund process will begin as soon as Apple gets your item. You also have the option of exchanging the item for another Apple product. 

But My Product is a Gift!!  

If your gift was bought in an Apple Store, you can return it as a gift without a receipt. But you must check at the Apple website to see if you are eligible for a refund.

Returning the product! 

You can either take the product to an Apple store or ship it back to the company. You must follow the product return shipment process as mentioned in the Apple website.

Refund Method:

If you purchased using credit or debit card, You will be refunded in 5 business days. You will be issued a new Gift card through mail if you brough using a Gift card

Refund for Apple Apps and Content: 

You can demand a refund for Apple apps and content if you are not satisfied with their product. You can do this through the Apple website. 

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