What is RTT calling on android?

RTT stands for Real-Time Text, developed to help people with disabilities to communicate more effectively. Users send messages simultaneously to each other.

Devices supporting RTT

We need a wireless handset to use this feature and it has to support the RTT call, we do not need any external devices to use this feature, we can call any handset which supports the RTT. 

Assertive touch features

 RTT call is where you and the recipient can text each other while using the voice call. This is an assistive touch feature used in real-time. 

Dial the number

 Go to the phone app and turn on the RTT feature in the accessibility section, and select the always visible option. 

Using the RTT feature

 Open the phone app, and dial the number you want to contact, once the other person answers the phone, tap on the RTT icon.

Additional RTT features

 Once enabled, we can text in real-time and additional features like switching to voice call, mute, and merging. 

Tips for using RTT

When you are texting, the other person can see what you are typing in real-time. While he can also type simultaneously. 

RTT in emergency

RTT is available for emergency contacts, we can even do the conference calls and call transferring. 

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