when your iPhone screen timeout, how to change how long your phone stays on?

The screen timeout is irritating when the screen turns off while you are doing some important work.

Default Timeout Settings

The default screen timeout on the iPhone is 30 seconds. Screen timeout helps in saving the phone's battery, by turning off the screen when the phone is not in use for 30 seconds.

Screen Timeout Options

Go to the settings-> Navigate to the display and brightness-> tap on the Auto-Lock to see the different screen timeouts.

Never Options

The timeout range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. There is another option called never, when enabled this won't turn off the screen until you manually opt for it. 

Turn off low power mode

If low power mode is enabled on your iPhone, you will not be able to change the screen timeout. Since the low power mode is designed to save the battery. 

Switch off timers and Clock

The background apps like timers or clocks stop the auto-lock since the phone considers them as work and won't let the screen turn off.

Disable Raise to wake

Disable the Raise to wake feature, this feature turns on the screen whenever you are picking it up or holding it in your hands.

Restart and update the phone

If you are unable to find the auto-lock settings on phone, update the software and restart the phone to rectify it.

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