Screen Dimming even with Auto-Brightness off?

Does your iPhone screen keep dimming even with Auto Brightness off?Your iPhone screen can dim due to many reasons. Learn how to prevent this!!!

Does your screen go dark randomly? 

Tap on your screen to learn ways to fix this issue. Follow the given steps and verify if any of these methods worked before going to the next ones. 


Check if the Auto-Brightness toggle is on just in case you missed it by mistake. If it is on, switch it off by tapping on the option. 

True Tone 

The screen might be dimming due to True Tone. Disable this in the Display and Brightness section in the Settings of your iPhone.  

Attention Aware 

Enable the Attention Aware toggle in the Face ID & Awareness section of the Accessibilty section in the iPhone Settings. 

Low-Light Zoom Filter 

This problem might be caused due to Zoom Filter. Go to Accessibility in the Settings and select the zoom option. Turn it off by selecting "none" in the Zoom Filter option.  

Night Shift 

Go to the Display & Brightness Section in your iPhone Settings and disable both “Scheduled” and ‘Manually Enable Till Tomorrow’ option. This will disable the Night Shift feature. 

Low Power Mode 

Disable the Low Power Mode in the battery section of the Settings in your iPhone. This might prevent your screen from dimming unnecessarily. 

Is your iPhone overheating? 

The iPhone tries to cool itself phone is too hot. This may be the reason for the issue.

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