Will new iPhone processors be made up of boron arsenic?

All the processors today are majorly made of silicon from Apple's M-series to Google's tensor chip.

Silicon for Processor chips

It is believed that Silicon is the best semiconductor material and the most famous of all, to make the chips for Tech companies.

MIT's recent study

However, in a recent study conducted by MIT researchers, it is found that silicon is not the best semiconductor material, but it is Cubic Boron Arsenide.

High Ambipolar Mobility

In their recent publication called "Science", titled "High ambipolar mobility in cubic boron arsenide," they explained why is it much better than silicon.

Silicon System-on-chip (SOC)

Apple has been using the famous Silicon System-on-chip (SOC) for a long time, which comes with all the processes that a device can be made of.

Silicon chips in Apple devices

The recently released M1 processors consist of a 5nm Silicon chip, enough to power entire MacBooks and iMacs to the fullest performance.

Future of semiconductor chips

It is still unknown if the new processes will be made of boron arsenic since they have just proved the theories and cannot be mass produced suddenly. 

Boron Arsenic chips in Apple

The world has recently seen traction toward silicon processors, a change in semiconductors might result in unknown repercussions.

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