Google Map as default map in iPhone in 1 minute.

In this web story you will learn how you can change the default map to Google Maps.

How to get Google Maps on iPhone?

How to get Google Maps on iPhone?

iPhones also have the Google Maps app. You are capable of downloading them very easily from the App Store and using it.

What is the Google Maps app?

Google Map is a navigation map app that is produced and handled by the tech giant Google.

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How to make Google Maps Default Map?

Methods that you can use to make sure whenever you use them you always get map data in Google Maps rather than the default Apple Maps.

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Google Chrome Default


Google Chrome as the default browser the location link will open in the Google Maps app.

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Gmail as default mail


In the Gmail app as the default mailing app the location link will be asked if you want to open in the Google Maps app or the Apple maps app.

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JAilbreak your iPhone


If you want to still want to make Google map as the default browser then Jailbreak your iPhone.

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